Writing is fun, but you know what else is fun

In case you couldn’t possibly come up with something that is as fun as writing (I know I had problems thinking up stuff), I’ve made you a list.

  1. Binge watching TV shows on Netflix. You know that show you heard of that seemed kind of interesting? The show that had such a compelling story that as soon as the commercial/preview/whatever you saw that promoted it was over you forgot about it. Yes that show. Well it is now on Netflix. All eight seasons ready for you to watch back to back to back to back. Enjoy.
  2. Reading about writing. It’s so much fun to read about other people’s trials and tribulations when it comes to writing. Oh look they did the same thing you did that didn’t work. See they also struggle with punctuation. Here’s another article about the new way to market your book. Someone else has gotten a six figure book deal. Chuck Wendig posted another amazing blog post and it must be read right now!
  3. Looking for book covers. Why write when you don’t already have the perfect book cover picked out? You should stop writing right now and find the book cover that will fit your book. There are only a few thousand pre-made book covers out there.
  4. Playing Facebook games. Have you played Candy Crush? How about Pet Rescue Saga? Farmville? Farmtown? Cafeville? No? Why the hell not?!?
  5. Red Box. You can rent movies you didn’t bother to see in theaters for a little over a dollar a day. These red boxes are everywhere just begging you to try out a movie. Not comfortable with a certain genre but slightly interested in a movie, try it! You just might like it. Or not.
  6. Surfing Amazon for stuff to buy when you have money. That’s pretty self explanatory I would think. You see you go to Amazon and you look at all the things you want to buy but can’t afford to right now and then you add them to your completely unmanageable wish list. It’s window shopping from your couch.
  7. Read a book. Reading is actually research for writing, so it’s alright if you read a book. It’s not procrastination in any way. You’re just learning how to be a better writer by reading. So what if it’s a book in a genre you have no desire to write in, it’s still a learning experience.
  8. Cleaning. I’m sorry how did this get here? Cleaning sucks. There is no way it’s more fun than writing. Well… no it’s not. There’s no way. If you prefer cleaning to writing than I’m sorry I can’t help you.


Well Amazon never got back to me, so in case you were wondering, writing a public letter begging for money does not work.

Sales. It’s been a while since I updated on sales and as much as I’d love to say it’s because there are too many to count. I can’t.

January-  1 sale 79 free downloads

February- 7 sales 116 free downloads

March- 8 sales 135 free downloads

I’m pretty happy with that. It’s obvious that sales increased once I made the first episode in my series free. Those numbers only include Amazon and Google Play, Smashwords is too complicated to include their numbers, I haven’t had any sales on there anyway.

Self-Publishing. I’ve created a new website. The hardest part was linking it to my blog, but that’s finally done, and everything is live. The website created more expenses than I would like but I thought it was something I should do. We’ll see how it goes, there’s only one monthly expense.

Camp NaNoWriMo. They recently changed the rules and your goal doesn’t have to be 50k words. So I signed up for 20k. I’m already behind, of course, but I’ve still written more this month than the last few months. I’m very happy about that.

Dear Amazon

Dear Amazon,

If you could please send me another credit. I don’t care if it’s for legal reasons or what just give me more money to spend on books.

I’ve only got a few dollars left of the $60 you gave me and I still have like 163 samples left to read through. I’m bound to find more books I have to own and the credit I have left is just not going to cover it. Sure I’ve already bought four books but there are so many more out there I need.

So hook me up bitch.

I’m sorry I shouldn’t have called you a bitch, I take that back. Please don’t let that color your opinion of me. I hardly ever use that language and I was just trying to be cool so you’d like me.

Let’s get back to the purpose of this email. I want more Amazon money for books.


I’m serious here.

I need my fix man.

What’s up? Why you no send more money?

You know what? You’re a fucking bastard. You give me a sweet little taste and now that I’m hooked you’re going to make me pay?

How do you sleep at night?


Give Me More Money Now!

Amelia Bennett Chronicles Episode Four Update

I’ve finished my personal edits. I sent it to beta readers who gave positive feedback. I read it on my kindle and found a couple more edits to make. I’ve also scheduled Anne Victory, the editor on the previous episodes, for around April 15th. Excited.

I have the new cover created. I’m still kind of unsure of the covers but I’m not sure what else I could do to them.

Anyway, on to the next project.

New Life II

Say No to Heat Part II


A long time ago on my blog I mentioned that I hate turning on the heat. If my husband wants to turn it on I tell him to get a blanket. I’m cruel I know. I do eventually turn it on and even more so now that there’s a child in the house, but I just love that low electricity bill.

After nine years I’m proud to say that the idea of just changing the thermostat doesn’t even enter my husband’s mind anymore.

I didn’t set out to train him, it just happened all on its own.

Should I publish on Createspace?


Is it worth it to create paper versions of books that are less than nine thousand words?

I ask because I recently created an account with Createspace. My current plan is to make a paper copy of the Amelia Bennett Chronicles when I’ve finished the first season, which is probably going to be at the end of episode six.

I’m also going to create a paper copy of Stolen Memories. Once I have my corrections completed and a new cover created, but it’s the size of a normal romance so I’m not concerned about it.

So is nine thousand words too small to make a paper copy? I’m really not sure. I lean to no, it seems like a lot of work for something so small. Would it even look right? Maybe it isn’t a lot of work, I haven’t done it yet, so maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal. Has anyone used Createspace? If so what do you think?


Finishing is Hard

I tried to come up with a different title, but I couldn’t.

I’m lying I didn’t try. My perverted brain enjoyed that one too much.

I have a problem finishing projects. Stolen Memories was the first book I ever finished. So of course I published it. I had beaten that hurdle I would never have that problem again. Gone were the days where I would get distracted by a new idea. I was now a finisher.


About that.

Not so much.

The next project I published was three episodes in a possibly never ending serial. I have no end for this project. Did I find a way to beat my issue?


I just used that new serial so that I could write something other than the sequel to Stolen Memories.

I’ve been struggling hard with this sequel. I just never feel like writing it. I got about two thousand words written on it in February. That doesn’t sound bad but considering I’ve been writing it since around January 2013 and I’m only sixteen thousand words into it, not so good. I know exactly what I need to do I just can’t seem to get the words down.

The other day I told myself to just forget about trying to hit fifty thousand and write the damn story. If I finished early oh well. That actually worked for a little while, I got about three hundred words written. Didn’t even finish the scene though.

It doesn’t help that I know that once this book is done I will have to write a third in the series. The way I ended the first one was a set up for two more books.

My past self was so ambitious. My past self didn’t have a baby.

Surely I’m not the only person with issues finishing a project?